The recession has hit families in many ways. Not only in the wallet, making managing daily life harder but maybe most of all on the inside, making us question what was once a certainty or normality which is a basis for serenity within a family. For this reason, the holiday period, which helps relax and puts us generally in a better mood can be a good moment to dedicate some time to and focus on your relationship with your partner. Time to examine what could be done to build and preserve harmony.

These suggestions come from the wedding agency “Monica Gobbi D’Alò – Wedding & Event Planner”. In addition to organizing weddings, baptisms, anniversaries and other ceremonies, here are also on offer a series of courses to better help face life as a couple, reinforce ties and perfect style in two. In particular, the course “I want to live with you” is a real vademecum of wisdom for a couple whether new or experienced. This has been created ad hoc by the television presenter Alessandro di Pietro, who explains to the readers of Tgcom24 a few practical couple-saving secrets… “They are just simple rules that can be followed by anybody” says the popular host of “Occhio alla Spesa”, “which help to compare ideas and discuss, finding their way back to harmony”.

Here are some home-saving ideas:

HOME MANAGEMENT: Do it together

The key word is share the decisions and choices It is not just about splitting the things to be done such as one looks after the house and the other the finances, but it is about sharing activities and even chores. For example:

1 – The shopping: who and how – It is to be done together or at least you make the shopping list together. Men tend to be less apt than women at deciding what is needed and how much. Women however, although excellent at running the home, tend to over spend on beauty treatments and clothing.

2 – Eyes wide open for traps – Carefully read labels, in particular where products come from. Do not be taken in by the aspect, for example fruit (sometimes it is polished with wax to make it more appealing) and check the content levels inside a bottle.

3 – Buying household detergents: you do not need a specific product for a specific surface: it is better to use one single product remembering that there are substances that are easily available with excellent cleaning power. For example, wine vinegar is very good for cleaning metal objects, glass and the inside of fridges. It is a good lime scale remover and is good for washing down the terraces (where it also works to keep away pigeons). The water from boiled vegetables is excellent for cleaning silverware. In this way you can save (and this helps the harmony of a couple) with the added advantage of reinforcing cultural and ecological awareness.

4 – Using Household Appliances – In addition to both of you learning to do a decent wash, a couple needs plan the use of these appliances taking advantage of cheaper rates.


5 – Accounts are done together– As we have seen for the shopping, also the general budget must be handled together. You must plan together and together you decide what expenses are to be made.

6 – Handling Savings– The same thing. Investments and savings are the responsibility of both.


6 – It is better three holidays of ten days each than one long holiday of thirty. – Recent studies have shown the use of dividing holidays (budget permitting). In the first ten days of a holiday, curiosity and dynamics are at a maximum. There is a tendency to assimilate everything a holiday has to offer that is new, with the full enjoyment and benefit the holiday has to offer. The impact of returning home to “normality” at the end of the holiday is also lighter and there is the psychological advantage that you know you have another holiday coming in the near future.


7 – Cooking together – The “Cooking ritual” can be a moment of intense sharing and great help for the harmony of the couple. The responsibility of preparing dishes, the creation of a pleasant atmosphere where to eat and even clearing the table are intimate gestures to be rediscovered and lived together.

8 – The foods of love – Bearing in mind that there are no real any aphrodisiacs per se, there are certain foods that can stimulate attraction and affection. For example, sparkling wines tickle and titillate thanks to the bubbles. There are foods that stimulate blood circulation giving an exhilarating effect. However, the most important thing is positive mental attitude. If you look at a table that has been thoughtfully set, maybe with a flower or lit candle, the right background music and with an air of serenity, even ham and melon can become a serious aphrodisiac. .





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