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It takes about 150 hours to properly plan a wedding, that equates to four weeks full time work. There are simply not enough hours in the day for a couple with work commitments to manage looking up information on the internet or dealing with suppliers. Just leafing through a wedding magazine during a coffee break, leaves you open to a barrage of adverts, ideas, tips and hints that will make your head spin. Book one of my Consultancy Services and relax. Leave the stress on me and enjoy your planning process!

Budget Plan Development

Are you a DIY bride, at the beginning of your planning process, not sure where to start from to calculate the overall costs of your dream day and with a fear of pitfalls? Book My Budget Plan Development Service. I will spend around one hour with you, listening to your wishes, understanding what your priorities are, advising on the correct budget planning process and answering your questions. Within one week you will receive a tailored budget form as an excel file with all your planned expenses and those you had missed but need to be included with average ranges to facilitate your task. To get the best out of this service, I request the compilation of a preliminary questionnaire in advance.

Wedding Venue Search & Selection

Are you a DIY bride, but need help in finding the right venue for your big day? This is the right service for you! This service will be tailored to your needs and requirements. I will search and select three different locations for you to decide from. I guarantee to find you the perfect venue!

Supplier Search & Selection

Are you a DIY bride, but need help in finding the right supplier for your big day? This is the right service for you! This service will be tailored to your needs and requirements. We will search and select 2-3 different suppliers for you to decide from. We guarantee to find you the perfect partner (photographer, video & camera operator, floral designer, make-up artist, hair-stylist, etc.) ! I only recommend suppliers I can trust (max 3 suppliers)

Personal Shopper & Image Consultant

Your Big Day is approaching and your agenda is full of events and parties to attend and immediately after your wedding you are leaving for your long desired honeymoon, but you realise that you have no time to go out shopping and find the right outfit for all the events. Or have you looked in your closet and thought, “ I have all these clothes, and nothing to wear?” Have you found yourself putting something on only to take it off again a few minutes later? Do you keep going back to the same outfits? The Personal Shopper & Image Consultant Service is what you need! It is a service meant for those who need quick consultancy in selecting the best outfit for each situation with an eye on the latest trends in fashion or for those who wish to renovate their wardrobe avoiding common mistakes and waste of money. My Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants will help you discover what colours, shapes and styles work best for you so you always feel comfortable and look put together

Posture & Poise Perfection

After months spent planning your Big Day, you finally tried your dress on and suddenly you felt insecure and feared you wouldn’t be able to properly walk down the aisle with the right posture, you thought you would look ridiculous and started panicking… The Posture & Poise Perfection Service is what you need. Spend a few hours with an ex-model who will share with you her tricks and will turn you into a self-confident wonderful princess

Symbolic Ceremony

Have you always been fascinated by the American ceremonies you watched on TV or in the movies, would like to have a similar one, but have no idea where to start from in planning your own? I can help you shaping your dream symbolic ceremony including vows and rituals. And if you like it, I can turn the proposal into reality !

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