WHO should get married in Rome?

Rome is history, art, architecture, music, vivid colours, spectacular views, wonderful tastes, vibrant life and splendid surroundings. It has the sparkle of Cinecittà, the style of Fellini, the elegance of The Dolce Vita and let us not forget Three Coins in a Fountain!
Rome is also its people who, since ancient times, have been known for their hospitality, curiosity and the pleasure they take in meeting people from other languages and cultures.
Get married in Rome to have that once in your life experience! What other cities offer such variety and leave so many visitors without an ardent desire to return. Rome is a popular destination for Church marriages abroad. Opposite to other Italian destinations, there are a number of churches in Rome that facilitate couples who want to be married in Rome with a Catholic ceremony. We can arrange it for you and assist you in the administrative procedure.

When in Rome, Do I Do As the Romans Do!

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