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If your wedding threatens to become a source of stress and no fun then you are advised to go to a wedding planner, a true professional in the organization of these kinds of events.

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner is the person who helps a couple to realize their dream on the most beautiful day of their lives. This means guiding them step by step through the planning phase, suggesting solutions, alternatives and helping them to decide that which is best for the couple by choosing the right suppliers, keeping an eye on the budget and keeping a tight rein on schedules. The wedding planner evaluates and advises on the tasks and individuality within the couple’s project, eliminating stress and allowing he couple to happily enjoy their special day in peace and tranquility. Often there is the notion that using a wedding planner is only a luxury reserved for those of substantial means. In truth the service rendered is offset by the discounts obtained which are only available to a wedding planner owing to the special relationship the wedding planner has with suppliers.

How much does hiring a wedding planner cost?

In reality, there is no set price. There are those who come from the Anglo-Saxon or American school of thought and so a percentage is applied to the total budget of the event. There are others who decide to have a fixed price independent of the actual cost of the wedding and so here, we are talking around 500 and 3000 euros according to the type of services required. There are also those who prefer to pay per capita.

What is the detail that makes the difference?

What makes a real difference more that the décor, food or entertainment is the possibility for the bride and groom to see and live out their dream come true in an atmosphere of happiness and serenity. It is here that the wedding planner makes the difference inasmuch as making sure the couple can relax and enjoy their special day to the full knowing that there is someone who is constantly looking after them and guarantees a perfect outcome of the event

What do you think is the secret to a long lasting marriage?

The secret is to dedicate yourself every day and by growing together and facing all the problems life throws at you one at a time, communicating constantly in every way (physically and verbally) and to spend time on activities as a couple. One idea could be dancing lessons and to this end I organize dance courses for couples with Natalia Titova e Samuel Peron for all those who want to get to know themselves better and learn to communicate in other ways. In addition I organize courses dedicated to the couple called “I want to live with you” so as to best overcome any moments of financial difficulty and organize a life for two.

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