WHAT kind of Wedding Ceremony is possible in Rome?

In Rome all types of wedding ceremonies are possible including Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Symbolic, Civil or other and we can arrange any of these for you.

Civil Ceremony:

Civil ceremonies must be held at the designated civil halls. The ceremony lasts about 30 minutes and is conducted in Italian by the Civil Registrar. An interpreter will be provided during the ceremony. Most Town Halls are located in historical buildings, unique palaces, villas and offer a lovely setting for a wedding. You may personalize the ceremony however you desire using music, personal vows and readings.

Roman Catholic Ceremony:

In Italy a Roman Catholic ceremony can only be performed in a church and it will be automatically registered with the Italian authorities, therefore a civil wedding is not required. Mixed religion background marriages can be performed as long as a Dispensation is obtained from your local Parish Priest and as long as you have all your religious paperwork approved by the religious authorities in Italy. Should one of the parties be divorced, the Catholic Church will not allow you to remarry in a church, unless the Rota previously invalidated the marriage. You must have an annulment recognized by the Catholic Authorities.

Protestant, Jewish and Other Religions:

The Italian authorities do not recognize the religious ceremonies of some denominations. In which case for the marriage to be valid a civil ceremony is required prior to the religious ceremony. This can take place either in Italy or in your country of residence

Blessings and Vow Renewal:

MGDA arranges blessings and vow renewal in Italy for legally married couples. These ceremonies have no legal restrictions in Italy and can be held in religious chapels, elegant Renaissance villas, Medieval castles and courtyards, Italian Gardens, sea-view terraces or any other location up to your imagination. Moreover, no documentation or licensing is required for these types of ceremonies and a symbolic certificate may be issued as a memento of your special "recommitment".

Symbolic Ceremony:

Symbolic ceremonies in Italy can take place in a garden, on a sea-view terrace, or any other special place which has a special meaning for the couple. No documents are required for a symbolic wedding, which is not legally binding. MGDA is a specialist in the organization of symbolic ceremonies for couples looking at a tailored ceremony and rituals reflecting both their values and beliefs.

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