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Civil Unions in Italy

In May 2016, the Italian Parliament passed Law No. 76/2016 titled “Regulations of Civil Unions between Persons of the Same Sex and Discipline of Cohabitation.” The law provides for same-sex marriages and also introduces rights and protections to unmarried cohabitants.


Same-sex couple, both Italian or foreing nationals, can form a Civil Union if they are 18 or over and able to act. There is no obligation to reside in the same Municipality


Whoever intends to form a Civil Union must apply for an appointment with a special application form and copy of the identity documents to: Segretariato Generale - Direzione Coordinamento Servizi Delegati - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico dell’Anagrafe – Via Petroselli, 50 (dal lunedì al giovedì 8.30 - 17.00 venerdì 8.30 - 13.00) - or send everything via PEC to: Foreign nationals will have to attach to the request a Nulla Osta to the constitution of the Civil Union issued by the diplomatic / consular authority in Italy of the foreign state of citizenship. Where the production of the nullity is precluded by reason of non-recognition, the law of the State of which the alien is a national, of civil union between persons of the same sex or analogue establishment, is replaced by a certificate or any other act capable of attesting the freedom of State, or of a substitute declaration under the decree of the President of the Republic 28 December 2000, no. 445. It remains unaccounted for ascertained or acquired by an Italian judge or recognized in Italy. To give notice, on a commonly agreed day, the parties will jointly appear before the Civil Registrar to request the constitution of the union and declare under their own responsibility that they are in possession of all the requirements laid down by law. The Civil Status Officer will issue a verbal. The Civil Registrar will have 30 days to carry out all necessary checks at the municipalities of birth and residence, and if dealing with an Italian citizen resident abroad, even at the competent consular office, to ascertain that there are no impediments to the constitution of the Union.


The couple must hold their ceremony within 180 days of “giving notice” The ceremony is performed by the Mayor or their substitute and is conducted in Italian. An official interpreter and 2 witnesses over 18 are required by law. It lasts approximately 20 minutes. The ceremony may be enriched with personal vows, readings and music The union gets recorded in the state civil registry.


A Civil Union celebration can take place at any hall already in use for the civil ceremonies. Town hall fees apply to all civil unions in Rome, regardless the citizenship and the type of ceremony as follows: - City Hall Office - Via Petroselli, 50 Roma – no additional costs - Sala Rossa (The Red Room) - located inside Campidoglio - Vignola Mattei Complex – Caracalla, a deconsecrated church reserved for civil marriages if at least one of the two is resident in Rome: € 150,00 if at least one of the two is resident in the Province of Rome: € 300,00 (Monday to Friday) € 500,00 (Saturday & Sunday) if none of the two is resident in Rome: € 1.200,00 (Monday to Friday) € 1.400,00 (Saturday and Sunday) The reservation of institutional rooms must be made on the day of the first appointment on the basis of the availability of the moment at the Halls Booking Office – 2° floor, room 255 – Via Petroselli, 50 - Roma

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