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On the Day Co-ordination

19 February 2019

What is an On the Day

You have done all your planning, but want to relax on the day of your wedding. I will manage the day itinerary, coordinate all suppliers and those included in the wedding party. This service will include two planning meetings prior to the wedding day.

You will have spent months meticulously planning and now you deserve to sit back and relax and see your efforts come to fruition. I will be there to let you enjoy your actual day and those leading up to it without any more worries. You will have the luxury of doing your own thing and not have to think about anything. You can offload that last bit of stress on us. Some couples have demanding jobs and have had to carve time out of their schedules to put together their big day. If this is your case, you know you run the risk of getting to your longed-for day feeling absolutely shattered. As I truly understand and know about the commitment and hard work you have put in, you might like me to make double sure everything runs perfectly on the actual day. On your wedding morning, you should be excitedly thinking about you, your intended, your day, NOT your suppliers, the seating arrangements or worrying whether the tablecloths clash with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Maybe the night before could be spent in the company of friends and family, having a good time instead of in the company of a bottle of tranquilizers. It has often been said by newlyweds that they did not have time to enjoy their day because it was time spent making sure everything was running smoothly and to schedule and making sure the guests were happy. The run up to the wedding is also a relentless round of calls, emails, checks and double checks all of which involve wedding arrangements and suppliers but have very little to do with the actual couple and the step they are about to take. I will advise, support and help in the run up to the Big Day via email and telephone. Also, I or someone of my staff will be there on your special day to make sure it is your special day.
You will feel no stress and no pressure because you will be calm in the knowledge that we “get you”. My staff and I are professionals working quietly but busily behind the scenes to make sure everything goes like clockwork and making sure all eventualities are catered for. There will be no hitch that hamper the smooth running of your perfect day.
A month before your chosen day, I will get to know you over the telephone. You can tell me about your ideas and what arrangements you have made. Then we will meet at your chosen venue if possible, two weeks before and go through the wedding arrangements and the day from a to z. This meeting is important so I can really get to grips with your way of thinking so I can understand exactly want you want to happen. Your suppliers will be contacted to insure all details are correct and any questions have been dealt with. You will then receive a detailed timetable for your day so everyone knows what is going on when and where. Your email and phone access will be unlimited. You will not have to worry, every eventuality will be covered and your day will be perfect.


The service includes:

  • A detailed consultation meeting two weeks before the wedding at your chosen venue
  • A timetable for the day of who does what, where and when
  • A professional wedding coordinator on the day for 8-10 hours
  • A check on suppliers ensuring they have all necessary details and directions and that they are met at the venue and all they require
  • Ensuring timetable adherence
  • Toastmaster services


Let’s turn your Dream into Reality!

Drop me a note to tell me about your dream and needs. It will be the start of our “flight” together!


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