WHY get married in Rome?

Rome is the Eternal city, the heart of one of the most ancient of civilisations, birthplace of so many of the peoples and cultures of our time. Hundreds of writers, poets and artists of every period and every part of the world have celebrated its beauty, its colour, its art and its atmosphere laden with history. But Rome is not only a city full of monuments, palaces and museums without equal in the world; it is also a modern city, full of life, offering pleasure and enjoyment for all tastes. It is the city of “amore” and romance that will provide unparallelled emotion. Each and every place is a natural setting for an ideal shooting session to capture the memorable moments of your special day. Rome is an open-air museum able to embrace any new comers and let him or her feel at ease and at home at any moment.

All roads lead to Rome!

On a practical level there are notable logistical advantages to a wedding in Rome. Italy is at the heart of the Mediterranean and therefore an important connection centre and Rome It is the most convenient city in Italy for a destination wedding. From abroad, more flights arrive in Rome than in any other city in Italy. So once your guests de-plane, they have pretty much arrived at their destination. Rome airports are extremely well connected and within 30 minutes of the city centre. So once your guests arrive at the airport, they have pretty much arrived at their destination. Your guests will have the maximum amount of independence with a wedding in Rome. Aside from any planned events, they can quite happily explore on their own as Rome is very easy to get around, so be sure sure to leave them enough time to do so! There is no such a place anywhere else in the world!

Let’s turn your Dream into Reality!

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