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Marco & Federica – Country Chic Weddings

20 February 2019

Cuban Passion in Rome

Cuba and Latin Dance lovers Marco and Federica decided to have the sultry notes of salsa and the rhythms of rumba, cha-cha and reggaeton as the leading theme of their Country Chic Wedding. But they also wanted the Fairy Tale in an enchanted village to add Magic to their D-Day.

"It was a true challenge to mix such opposite styles and ambiances, but we made it happen! The Fairy Tale part started when the bride walked down the aisle with her charming son passing under an old stone arch appearing to the groom in all her beauty. ".

They declared their Undying Love for each other with a moving Symbolic Ceremony to the sound of The Circle of Life in a small cosy Country Church. The magical moment was followed by an elegant Country Chic Reception where the initial hints to the Latin festive part started to show up. Table names reflected elements of Latin dances and as soon as the night approached and the dinner was coming to its end, the villa lighting changed dramatically into a mixture of red and ochre to recreate a Latin ambience, the music set to the joyful salsa rhythms and the show began.

All of a sudden they were thrown out into a Cuban Bar: warm colors, a large selection of hand-rolled cigars, Cuba’s best Rum, any of the famous Cuba’s cocktails at hand and Latin Music for great dancers! The magical mixture was at its best!
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