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Planning a Destination Wedding in Rome has usually to do with the couple’s love story, personal interests or love for arts, history, food and amazing views. Rome has it all. But how can you make your Destination Wedding in Rome a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your dearests and nearest?

Here I am sharing my experience as a Professional Destination Wedding Planner providing some insights on what are some of the challenges, the opportunities and what I learnt from my international couples over the years.

Why choose a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is an intimate way for a couple to share their wedding with the people who are important to them. It is held in a setting which is away from hometown and can be as cool and casual as the couple like. It is an opportunity for bride, groom, their families and guests to spend more than just an event time together on a sort of mini-vacation.

Why hold your Destination Wedding in Rome?

Historical settings, world-famous art, ancient architecture, excellent food and wine. These are just a few reasons to start with.

Getting married in Rome is the ultimate experience for sophisticated brides who only want the best. Rome is the outstanding luxury destination where every place is a natural setting for a shooting session, where some of the world’s most famous movies have been filmed, and the bride can be the Leading actress for a day. Rome is the eternal city of “amore”, that can magnify every couple’s love.

Last but not least, on a practical level there are notable logistical advantages to your Destination  Wedding in Rome. From abroad, more flights arrive in Rome than in any other city in Italy. So once your guests de-plane, they have pretty much arrived at their destination.

First challenge: the Language

If planning a local wedding can cause you some headaches, planning abroad might drive you nuts, as language and cultural nuances can be tricky to navigate. You can certainly do it yourself, however finding the right wedding planner can make the process stress-free for you.

But who is the right planner for you? It is not the top expert in the country, it is the one who is able to talk to you, understands what your wishes are and translates them into a memorable event. So, check the language level of your planner before signing any contract! It is not a trivial detail.

In fact, several destination wedding couples selected me not only because they liked my work, but also because they could talk to me in their own language, share with me their dreams and fears, and have someone who could translate their vision into a beautiful experience to remember.

Second challenge: the Experience

Make sure to find a planner that specialises in destination weddings, especially if you want your wedding to be legally binding. Get married in Italy, and specifically in Rome, requires knowledge and expertise. Do not underestimate it! Only professional Destination Wedding Planners can guide you through the intricacies of the local process defining the correct timetable for you.

A True Story

A US couple who wanted a legally binding civil ceremony in Rome decided to follow the process as highlighted on the webpage of their embassy. They collected all necessary documents, set the appointments with the embassy, and were ready to get married but…they did not consider that after receiving the Nulla Osta from them it had to be legalized to be used by the Rome Town Hall and unfortunately the authorities only receive on fixed days and times.

Although it was not part of my contract, I double checked with them every step of the administrative path a few weeks before the wedding, as I wanted no surprises on the big day and …there it was, the horrible pitfall!  With their timelines there was no way to have the documents legalised in time for the wedding. We had to reschedule the embassy meeting (and it was not easy!) to have enough time for the legalisation of the documents and the other administrative steps and finally we were able to hold the wedding on the right day. Now, what if…..?!!

Wonderful Opportunity: more time together

Once you fix the two challenges above, you can relax and start the proper planning process. A Destination Wedding allows you more time with your dearest and nearest. Something I learned from my couples is how intense and exciting a wedding can be when guests spend time together over a longer period of time. They have time to relax, to re-connect, share activities, have fun together. The wedding day is just the icing on the cake, but there is much more to remember for all of them! A typical Destination Wedding would last at least four days, during which you plan a rehearsal dinner, and may add various activities to entertain your guests. Over the years I have organised bridal showers, city tours, cooking shows, any kind of activities. Throwing your Destination Wedding in Rome is like playing with Aladdin’s lamp: make a wish and I turn it into reality!

As many Italian couples pick Rome as their Destination Wedding location, I suggest to adopt this approach as adds value to the shared experience.

Your Destination Wedding a One-of-a-Kind Experience

If I think back over the weddings I have organised so far, I can proudly say that all couples referred to their wedding as their one-of-a-kind experience.

To replicate it indefinitely, I therefore asked myself what was the common element to lead all of them to the same feedback. Was it the style? Or was it the venue? Maybe was it the food?

I investigated it with my brides and the answer was once again very similar from all of them: it was not just a wedding, it was an experience; we and our guests felt welcome, at ease, and pampered thoughout the event!

MGDA Advice

If you really want to make your wedding your one-of-a-kind experience stay true to yourself, create an ambience or a mood reflective of who you are and what you are about, don’t show off, but value your guests’ s well being. Add details, surprises, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Dare to dream, and dream big, but remember : your dearest and nearest love YOU and expect to recognise YOU at the wedding. They don’t want a fake wedding…

That’s the true magic!

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