Monica Gobbi D’Alò

15 April 2019

Reception floral decoration: stunning pictures vs guests feeling comfortable

Wedding receptions often include fresh flowers for table décor. Different styles, different centerpieces, tall versus low centerpieces. Gorgeous pictures, but….what is the right choice? Things to […]
26 September 2019

Your Destination Wedding In Rome

Planning a Destination Wedding in Rome has usually to do with the couple’s love story, personal interests or love for arts, history, food and amazing views. […]
19 October 2019

Same-Sex Wedding: George and Harold

Planning a same-sex wedding may be an incredible experience for both a planner and the couple. In fact, same-sex couples have much more creative freedom with […]
26 October 2019

How to choose your Bridal Bouquet?

The bridal bouquet may come in different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. What’s right for you depends on the design of your dress, the style of […]
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