Reception floral decoration: stunning pictures vs guests feeling comfortable

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30 April 2019
Wedding receptions often include fresh flowers for table décor. Different styles, different centerpieces, tall versus low centerpieces. Gorgeous pictures, but….what is the right choice?
Things to consider
Too many flowers create barriers instead of facilitating conversation among guests
Flowers come with heavenly scent, but if they are too many, they prevent tasting and savoring the culinary creations of the chef
Key question
What is more relevant: a stunning picture of the reception or guests feeling comfortable?
I am often torn between the two options, but in the end people are more important to me and I always vote for their well-being.
Monica Gobbi D’Alò’s Advice
Keep things simple!
Elegance is simplicity. It is the right balance between emotion and surprise: it is not being noted with spectacular, sometimes even over the top decorations, but being remembered for the overall mood you have created.
That’s the secret to a a successful event!
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