How to create your perfect Bohemian Wedding

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14 May 2019
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6 June 2019
A bohemian wedding can hold a reception either indoors or outdoors but typically puts emphasis on Nature.
The classic boho wedding occurs outdoors which means an outdoor ceremony in a park, on the beach, or in the country.
If the reception is indoors, the decor attempts to bring the outside within.

What are the key features of a bohemian wedding?

Bohemian weddings put a great emphasis on looking casual and relaxed, even if they are not.
They emphasise an environmentally friendly connectedness to the earth, so natural fabrics such as cheesecloth and cottons, together with layers of free floaty fabrics and designs are widely used.
They use small glass bowls to hold candles, glass test tubes for favors and other glass containers sealed with a cork or fabric to contain the items within.
Bohemian weddings often feature feathers as the accent of choice and often use decorative rugs and pillows scattered around the outdoor setting for picnic-style lounging or line the aisle with mismatched rugs for the ultimate boho style.

Colour palette

Autumnal earth tones such as deep browns, rich tan and charcoal black are all present, with cool neutrals like delicate beige and taupe, chalky white and soft cream making an appearance too.
But that doesn’t mean brighter colours are left out altogether.
Adding a touch of brilliance with a jewel-toned item can make a real statement, as well as giving more impact to the natural contrast of the other tones

Floral decorations

Bohemian weddings decor usually consists of large floral hanging decorations and huge amounts of greenery.
Colourful flowers, dreamcatchers and plenty of macramè; make a brilliant backdrop for any boho wedding.
If the reception is outdoors, nature will be included in the overall ambience. If it is indoors, there will be an effort to bring the outside within.
The bridal bouquet is often oversized, in a cascading shape and unstructured


Brides typically wear a flowing, lace dress.
More often than not, the bride will also wear some kind of flowers in her hair, either in the form of a flower crown, or something more subtle included in her bridal hair style.
Brides may go for long, loose waves, if their hair is naturally wavy or try straight braids if it is long enough.
They will typically wear simple makeup, as the essence of boho is a very natural and fresh look.


If the outfit is subtle, brides may add some pieces of jewelry.
Turquoise, wood, leather, shell, beads, quartz crystal and woven threads are also great materials to use in jewelry as they reflect inspiration from nature.


Bohemian grooms typically wear something casual but chic, like a shirt with a bow tie, or a coloured suit. They rarely dress too formal.
If your style is more casual prioritizing a healthy and sustainable
lifestyle as close as possible to Mother Nature, then a bohemian-themed wedding might be just what you’re looking for when choosing your wedding theme! Be inspired.
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