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Giorgio e Alessandra – Luxury Country Chic Weddings

20 February 2019

A Luxury Country Chic Wedding

dominated by hearts and the white and green theme.

"....And they lived happily ever after is what everyone wishes this fantastic couple. "

We have worked together for more than a year to turn their dream into reality and the outcome was just amazing. Every single detail of the organization resembled their love for each other, for life, beauty and harmony. It had nothing to do with showing off, but it was all about engaging people in their circle of love, passion, happiness and joy. That was the take home message for all their guests and the dreamteam that supported the entire organisation. MGDA - Your Dreamshaper

May the love you experienced so far be with you forever!

Monica Gobbi D'Alò - Your Dreamshaper

Let’s turn your Dream into Reality!

Drop me a note to tell me about your dream and needs. It will be the start of our “flight” together!

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