Gone are the days of special effects and “prepare to be amazed”, today the key is simplicity. This is the basic philosophy of the wedding planner Monica Gobbi D’Alò (in the photo on the right.).

“This is the trend that reflects the evolution of society, – she explains. – For years there has been ostentation and excess… Today it has to be elegance and simplicity, transformed into various ways according to the tastes of the couple. There are those who prefer a classic chic and those county chic and again those eco-chic. Whichever of these styles is chosen, there are element, which always are more or less constant. For example, colors tend to remain on the white and green side including shades of turquoise and mint. “.

Colour harmony is very important, right?

“Colour is the central theme and must be present in every place and moment of the ceremony. Obviously, it is not only the colour that must be coordinated and harmonious. Décor and music must also be in-keeping with the theme of the wedding; what we try to do is to touch all your senses in a way that flows smoothly “.

What trends are there for the ceremony?

“The location is more often a villa, a farmhouse or an agritourism, all places which connect closely to nature and places which have large open spaces. For those who love country chic, there are also various options for lunch or dinner, which are relatively cheap like a picnic, brunch or open-air buffet.

And how do you create a party atmosphere?

“We try to transmit warmth, try to breathe happiness and joy into the event including through the flowers and the atmosphere always mindful not to overdo it. Everything in the right dose as is the way this year. “.

Do you need “containment” even when choosing the menu?

“Of course! We have noted more attention being paid to the so-called “Green” weddings. That is to say “ eco-friendly “ and therefore in the menu local and seasonal produce is preferred because there is more care taken over what is eaten and spent. Natural foods tend to be popular. “Granny’s” recipes for example and buffet tables set up here and there. The only sumptuous moment is reserved for the cake design table where the tier creations are the focal point. They can now even be made by building up the tiers with single portions on a stick so you can eating standing with no problems “.

Speaking of cost, what is the average cost of a wedding with around 100 guests?

“From 20 to 30.000 euros. There are a lot of ways however to save, starting from the number of guests because the most expensive part is the reception. Then you can also consider the time of year and the day by choosing moments which are less popular. Therefore avoiding Saturday and the traditional selected months for weddings such as May and September, you can save. Then there are the flowers. Make sure they are seasonal and not necessarily exotic. You can make spectacular arrangements with wild flowers. Another idea is instead of sugared almond favors simply have a “confettata” which is different sugared almonds arranged on the cake table, to be taken by guests and placed in a decorative cone or bag. It is visually splendid, non-costly and leaves the guest with a lasting souvenir. For those who are technologically minded and not so attentive to detail you can send invitation via email. ”

Even if it is not traditionally done?

“In fact it isn’t really my style but I do understand that for those who are used to social networks it can actually be quite acceptable as an idea. Other ways to save can be buying ceremony wear from an outlet even if it is not the latest seasons’. Finally even though it may seem like a contradiction, is to use a wedding planner, because they can manage a budget without going over and knowing suppliers can get the best deals”.

Going back to bon ton, what do you advise regarding maids of honor? Is the bridal cortege an American custom not to be used by us?

“It depends on the couple. It is their day and etiquette today is a lot more elastic. If the bride has friends that are particularly dear to her and she wants to share this moment with them by creating an American cortege then why not? It is important though to avoid excesses in the dress department. I personally think that the Italian way of using children to care the rings and petal basket is sweeter. I often advise this in second marriages where often the children of the couple are present and it is a pleasant way of involving them with and active role. “.

Beyond Marriage

In addition to and completing the the activity of the wedding planner, Monica Gobbi D’Alò , by organizing specific courses, caters for couples who do not wish to marry but would like to have a kind of house warming or couple warming event to celebrate their coming together in life. She also takes care of the “after wedding” side of things with the course “I want to live with you” which is a modern edition of home economics. Including technology and Granny’s hints, with this course there is also “the Art of hosting” which is the answer to the latest trend of having dinner parties, which allows you to not only save but also create pleasant family moments. The courses are split into four lessons costing € 120-130 per lesson, which is of course an expense but could be a nice gift from parents as an investment in teaching their children how to handle their finances before they set out on a life together.




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