Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Reception: what is the right choice?

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30 April 2019
One of the greatest struggles a couple faces in planning their wedding reception is choosing whether to have it inside or outside.
Whatever their preferences I always suggest to start selecting a venue that has both options, as weather may become your worst enemy at the D-Day!
There are pros and cons in both options.

Indoor wedding reception


No worries about the weather, independent from season, usually more formal – optimal for elegant, stylish, romantic, country chic styles, freedom in playing with your preferred style (in line with the venue you have chosen), air conditioning, comfortable for women shoes;


Limited capacity; sometimes limited natural light, potential limitation for photographers in case there isn’t adequate lighting;

Outdoor wedding reception


Natural light, less formal – ideal for BOHO, romantic, rustic, shabby, country, marine styles, more guests, gorgeous views;


Weather is a key factor for success, a plan B is always necessary and if not available at the venue, additional budget has to be planned for a tent; sand might become nasty in case of seaside receptions on a windy day; high heels might easily be damaged; mosquito, fly bites and falling leaves or flowers might be annoying; candle use might be limited by wind; electricity might be an issue for DJ, band, or lighting;

Monica Gobbi D’Alo’s Advice:

“Consider a venue with both options and develop a project benefiting from both alternatives: use the outdoor space for the welcome and the cake cut and have the proper dinner/lunch served inside. Entertainment might be held in both areas depending on the venue. In case of bad weather you may always readapt to an indoor reception”
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