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Inspired by anything that conveys emotions, differently creative at any time, attentive and caring so that everything goes in the right place, reliable, calm and funny, dear readers we introduce you MGDA Wedding Planner

Why did you want to be a Wedding Planner?

I always had a lot of fun creating events whether they were parties, company events or weddings. I was always fascinated by the idea of “writing a story” starting from a small particular or a detail, and every event was like a personal challenge to create something special and to make the event unique. Arranging a wedding is an incredible process full of organizational intricacies and emotional complexities where you can release your creative energy. You face new challenges and opportunities; you deal with delicate situations and tense relationships due to the overwhelming stress of the forthcoming wedding. Being able to manage all of this on behalf of the couple is a unique experience. Seeing the surprise and the happiness in the couple’s eyes when they realize that their dream has come true in every single detail and look at you gratefully for what you have done for them is priceless for me!

Where did you get your inspiration? How are you different from the other wedding planners?

It may sound obvious, but I was definitely inspired by the old movie “The Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez. When I saw it, I realized that that was my part time job although often in different contexts and that I wanted to turn it into a full time one. I had to wait for a few years though before I felt ready for the leap, leaving my previous job and focusing on my dream. During those years, I gained a lot of experience which turned out to be precious in the new job. Managing a budget, even small ones, managing and coordinating people, being able to check the execution of projects and single activities, being able to properly read contracts, being sensitive to people and their needs, being able to mediate, having the necessary flexibility and problem solving attitude: they are all working traits that make the difference when a couple relies on you for their wedding organization. My previous role competencies as Director of Marketing for an American company coupled with a specific training in wedding planning with some of the best Italian and American professionals in the wedding arena, makes me a reliable competent wedding planner.

Does the current wedding sector feel the effects of the economic recession ?

In my opinion, what makes the difference today is the new way of socialising, of celebrating together and therefore of getting married. On one hand you still have couples who aim at the traditional religious wedding followed by a reception with friends and relatives, on the other an increasing number of couples decide to live together or to have a civil partnership and ask for a symbolic ceremony often followed by alternative receptions. Based on that, I developed alternative reception solutions suiting those couples who want to enjoy a unique event but at a reduced cost. Tell me what time you want to get married and I’ll suggest your ideal option: Wedding Breakfast / Brunch, Wedding Par-Tea, Wedding Cocktail, Cake & Champagne. Today’s set ups can give us an idea how to realise the various options.

Wedding Breakfast/Brunch – When vintage style meets the modern one

It is meant for those couples who marry in the morning, wish to leave on their honeymoon on the same day, but do not want to miss an opportunity to celebrate in a casual way with close friends and relatives. The setting is created by playing with the contrasts of the vintage style, represented by a collection of at least twenty-year-old items, and modern ones, highlighted by the use of polycarbonate chairs and armchairs. On the table you have the same contrast with crystal and polycarbonate glasses as well as china together with antique silverware. The tablecloth has been replaced by modern embroidered runners which reminds us of the old tablecloths used in the last century. We created a pleasant environment, we played with different clocks put either on the table or around the room to remind everyone of the special day and memorize it in a light-hearted way.

Wedding Par-Tea – The English traditions in the shabby chic style

This a light, informal solution for those couples getting married in the afternoon, who love the English traditions and are seeking out an innovative idea involving friends and relatives. Here we played with the English traditions that combines the tea ceremony with sweet and savoury without forgetting the famous cucumber sandwiches. In this layout we used bright colours, with delicate combinations such as rose, fuchsia, acid yellow green, white. We made extensive use of English silverware and china voluntarily unmatched. The beauty of the shabby style is the possibility of combining different items although keeping the same style and the selected colours. The focus of the arrangement was the dessert table with the selection of various cake design items. Independent from the wedding time all you want is to celebrate with a toast and a cake and leave immediately for your wonderful honeymoon just the two of you? Wedding Cake and Champagne is the right solution for you!

Wedding Coktail & Cake & Champagne – Modern Style

The Wedding Cocktail solution suits those couples getting married in the afternoon, who are free spirits and love to mingle with a glass in their hand, floating among tables and guests. It is a very popular solution which limits the celebration, but makes it live and in line with the new trends of the younger generations. On purpose, we created a set up that may be combined with the Cake & Design solution to demonstrate that how the two options may stand alone or be combined together. Two fast solutions that preserve charm and attention to detail. In the Cake & Design layout, we focused on two elements: cake design and location. We selected three choices out of the cake design offer (wedding cake, cake pops and cupcakes) and emphasized the possible relax on the comfortable mandarin sofas. It should be remembered how important it is to plan a sitting area where to chat. It is a minor detail for which the wedding guests will always be grateful to the couple!


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