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Andrea & Emanuela

20 February 2019

Classic Romantic Wedding in a noble Palace in the heart of Rome

Two opposite but complementary souls, a romantic dreamer and a pragmatic down-to-earth man, found themselves in one of the most romantic wedding I dealt with.

It started almost as a joke, but in a week time we were all involved in the organisation of a challenging wedding with a very tight timetable. A numer of issues had to be fixed, a number of new challenges suddenly popped up and added stress to the last minute wedding organisation. But we managed them and were able to plan, design and produce a fantastic wedding that touched everybody’s heart.

"The bride and the groom knew themselves since many years, but it was only the wedding planning process that truly allowed them to know each other. "

The challenges they dealt with made them stronger, more in love with each other than ever and determined to share their future lives together, no matter what. The bride wanted the Fairy Tale she never had before: she became Princess Sissi and he played her Prince Charming. All details of the organisation reflected the “noble” status of the couple and everybody was suddenly thrown into a different age where laces, candles and dances played a significant role. The Palace we choose made the fairy tale even more real to them. Impossible is nothing! This became our motto and we strived to turn their dream into reality, add the Magic and made it!

May the love you found in the planning process be with you forever!

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