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Getting married is one of life’s greatest milestones and definetely you want your wedding to be special. Before allowing your mind to reel in every conceivable directions, here are the 2020 Wedding Trends to know if you are planning your one-of-a-kind event.

Search for individuality 

Couples want their wedding to be special and unique. They do not care much about what the etiquette says, or at last not to the extent of following the rules and the rituals without trying to personalise them. Brides and grooms search for individuality. They are much more inclined to create an ambience or a mood reflective of who they are and what they are about, than being led by restrictive protocols. The whole focus will be on how to translate the mood into the visual aspects of their celebration.

Go green: Sustainable / Ecoweddings 

In these eco-conscious times we live in, more and more couples are looking at ways to reduce the environmental and ethical impact of their wedding. This means opting for the environmentally-friendly alternative to each element of the celebration, from invitations and the dress to the cake.

There are plenty of relatively easy ways to make your wedding sustainable: use recycled paper or paper made from alternative fiber for your stationary elements; seek for venues that are demonstrating a commitment to saving water and energy, reducing waste, or serving locally grown/organic menus; seasonal, local food will reduce your impact the most; limit long-distance travel; go secondhand or rent your formal wear instead of buying; last but not least, keep the number of invitees as low as possible, the smaller the guest list, the smaller the impact on the environment.

Look casual and relaxed 

If you leaf through whatever wedding magazine more and more you will see informal and relaxed weddings. Bohemian style is the top trend at the moment, which is no surprise given the increased eco-consciousness in the general population. Inviting all and sundry to the big day seems no longer appealing. Couples tend to opt for more intimate gatherings with their nearest and dearest and prefer investing their budget in creating an experience for them and their guests to remember. Brides and grooms want enough quality time with their guests. However, although bohemian weddings seem relaxed and casual, they are not. In fact, there is a lot of ruthless editing of the details behind the organisation to let everyone feel welcome and comfortable and there is no limit to creativity. You may go from private wine testing to show cooking classes mixing up modern with traditions.

Go big with wedding decor 

Although couples are dealing with intimate gatherings, they are becoming more creative and sophisticated with the wedding decor requests. Every day we are ovewhelmed by fantastic wedding pictures in the social media. Gorgeous tablescapes, amazing outdoor receptions, beautiful brides,enchanting lighting, but…in the end they all look the same! And here comes the request for a more tailored look and approach. No couple is like another, so by asking for something personal, they imply they want to imprint their own stamp on the wedding. It is no longer the execution of a colour palette or a theme, it is more about creating a personal vibe and the challenge is finding the right details to translate the vision. By limiting the number of guests, there is more budget per head, which allows more extravaganza in the wedding decor for a bespoke event.

Wedding flowers 

Choosing florists that use local, seasonal flowers are becoming a must for most of the couples. Incorporating existing gardens or plants in the overall decoration is also becoming a common request. There is a large use of greenery and foliage at the wedding as to be sorrounded by nature even in indoor settings. There is a bigger emphasis on creating an overall natural look and feel, which is perfectly in line with the preference for a boho style. Personalisation of the bouquets seems however to be the name of the game in 2020 wedding trends: specific flowers to be included, bold colours, different texture, different shapes, inclusion of objects that are meaningful to the brides are all the rage.

Wedding cakes as work of art 

Wedding cakes are more and more a towering piece of art decorated with fruit and flowers, and covered with dripped icing, brush strokes echoing the bride’s dress or the wedding decor. Even a nude cake, very popular for any boho style, can wow the wedding guests for its amazing decorations.

Unique lighting 

One of the top 2020 wedding trends is definitely lighting. The more couples focus on creating an ambience, or a mood for their wedding, the more lighting becomes their best friend! People sometimes forget how essential lighting is in an event and what impact it can make. Depending on the type of lights chosen, and how you use them, you have the ability to completely transform the mood and the atmosphere of a given space, even several times thoughout the event. Look at different ways to integrate lighting into your event. You may use exposed bulbs, mini lampshades, led lights, romantic chandeliers, candles of any size and shape. There is no limit to your imagination. When making a final choice on where to invest your money at a wedding, lighting is the one to splurge on for the greatest return.

Open your mind to video mapping your venue 

Video mapping is the latest bound into the future for a unique wedding. Thanks to this special technology couples can project anything they want into their venue thus transforming the space into whatever ambience they like. One of the benefits of this extraordinary concept is that it creates terrific decors, and it allows changing theme and mood throughout the event. Therefore, the options are endless: you may project carpet of flowers, underwater scenarios, starry sky, lush vegetation, exotic islands.

Be yourself and be comfortable with hair and makeup 

Brides-to-be seem more inclined to a more natural approach for their hair and makeup, as a bohemian style would suggest. Among 2020 wedding trends there are fewer requests for intricate updos, but rather an attempt to keep things simple. Recent ranways showed a trend towards wearing long soft hair for a natural look. For those who are still fascinated by the princess theme add a tiara headpiece to your hairstyle to complete your princess ensemble. Makeup trends are all about keeping it simple and light. No more layers of dramatic makeup, but rather focus on emphasising the bride’s own beauty. The new rule is bringing out the bride’s best features to let her be herself and comfortable.

Wedding Dresses: More opportunities to play your personal style

At the 2020 runaways all designers tried to wow brides-to-be with new interpretations of the classics and new inspirations from the past that seemed fashion-forward, without missing the uniqueness and timelessness a bridal gown requires. There was an amazing mixture of styles to accomodate any bride’s wish and let her feel comfortable and at ease in her wedding dress. From classic ball gowns to minis, from feathered dresses to bridal suits, from slip dresses to puffy sleeves. Halter necklines made more appearances than in the past, but sophisticated raised necklines, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, scalloped necklines were also available. Long and short, white, blush, lilac or pistachio. You are just spoiled for choice! Tatoo lace is one of the hottest trends in fabric. For those who are not into veils, a full-lenght cape, the season’s hot accessory, is a great alternative to great the groom at the altar and take it away when you are ready to hit the dance floor.






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