Monica Gobbi D'Alò (MGDA) has a degree in Biology, the Proficiency Certificate in English, 20 years experience in International Marketing, organizing more than 500 local, national and international events, and she is a qualified ABC Professional Bridal Consultant specialised with honors in Etiquette, Green Weddings and Low Cost Weddings. She also attends the ABC Destination Wedding training focusing on keeping the complex local procedures up to date. In 2011 she launches her agency, Monica Gobbi D’Alò (MGDA) and starts her new venture together with and supported by highly qualified partners in the wedding arena.

Passionate about Rome and what she does, curious and striving for excellence by nature she continuously seeks out the latest innovations available in the wedding arena thus offering the ultimate experience to her clients.

Her professional career coupled with her personal passions has produced that winning combination: experience, efficiency and knowledge flanked by an understanding of each individual desire. Thus making it possible for Monica and her team at MGDA to take your dreams and turn them into reality.

Inspiration, Creativity, Attention to detail, Reliability and Fun.
These are the working traits of Monica Gobbi D'Alò (MGDA) who will always oversee every detail personally, and guarantees impeccable results created in a serene and enjoyable atmosphere.

Monica has selected a team of professionals to work with who are motivated by her same ideals and passions. They are capable of facing any challenges with creativity and transforming them into success.

Together we make up the Dreamshapers team capable of making your dreams come true and creating that memorable and unforgettable moment.